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More than 2,000 businesses have left Catalonia since the October referendum, including the.

Since the independence forces obtained an absolute majority in seats in September.Catalonia has its own language, its own identity, and a culture distinct from that of the rest of Spain.

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All the latest updates as Catalan parliament declares independence and Spain approves direct rule over the region.

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After Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy had issued his clarification challenge to Catalan President.Update on the situation in Catalonia Posted on November 10, 2017 in Uncategorized.

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The decision over the future of Catalonia will ultimately be little more than an unofficial consultation.A COALITION of political parties in Catalonia, Spain, backed by the Regional Government on Tuesday, July 3, 2017 introduced a bill for a referendum on independence in.The situation in Catalonia is developing so quickly that I have abandoned all hope of using pithy titles for my articles.

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Catalonia is an autonomous community in the northeast of Spain.Catalonia: Catalonia, autonomous community and historic region in northeastern Spain.The Catalan Parliament voted overwhelmingly to declare independence from Spain in late October, leading the.

Catalonia lawmakers approve 2017 secession from Spain

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BARCELONA — Catalonia declared itself an independent republic on Friday.

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BARCELONA, Spain - The regional parliament of Catalonia approved a plan Monday to set up a road map for independence from Spain by 2017, in defiance of the central.More information has come in after publication of this article.

Catalonia update: Three weeks ago, voters in Catalonia, a region in northeastern Spain containing the city of Barcelona, voted 90 to eight percent in favor of.

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Pro-independence MP Quim Torra narrowly elected, paving way for end to rule by Madrid.

The two leaders could accept the mediation of a third party so a new relationship between Catalonia and Spain.Set 3 metro stops from central Barcelona, the Atenas Catalonia has a rooftop swimming pool, offering views of the nearby Torre Agbar and Sagrada Familia.Catalonia has a great variety of different landscapes very close to each other, mountains on the Pyrenees (at the border with France), green hills on north of the.Prime Minister Rajoy met with his Cabinet following an announcement by Catalan leaders declaring independence but suspending implementation to allow dialogue.Rate this item: Rating No votes yet.