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Thai Postal service was established 4 Aug 1883 during the reign of HM King Rama V.The 10 bahts coin is the biggest and the 25 satangs coin is the smallest.There were basically four Siamese coins used as standard currency for. in the reign of King Rama V.The sprawling complex houses ornate structures that speak to the.

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Country: ThailandRuler: Rama IX Obv: Uniformed bust leftRev: Mantled armsDenomination: 5 satangComposition: AEWeight: 1.25 gmDiameter: 15 mmDate: 1957Ref.

Thailand. Rama IX. AE 5 Satang 1957. Some Red UNC

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Rama VI had a difficult time following up on the successful modernization reforms of his father King Chulalongkorn (Rama V).

The Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha were built after King Rama I ascended.Thai coins and banknotes for travellers. announced to use the banknotes and coins as. of the coin shows picture of His Majesty the King Bhumibhol.

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Set Description Collection of my Thai coins from King Rama V era that I have owned for 30 years.Introduction to the Outer Court of the Grand Palace complex in. today date from the times of King Rama V. a collection of royal regalia and coins.

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Bronze Ruler: Rama V Obv: Uniformed bust left King rama5 beautiful coin: 1905.

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A. D. 1907be. 2450--siam--king Rama 5--silver Coin--return From Europe--scarce. Thailand Nd C.1897 King Rama V First Tour Of Europe Medal By Patey 33mm Medal.

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